From Concepts, Prototypes to Production

From  Concepts, Prototypes to Productions.
As we all know everything starts with a concept, concept cars are hardly put into production, due to various reasons. These are few concept prototypes in productions of cars and bikes seen on the streets.

Let's start with the beautiful Jaguar F type, also known as Jaguar C-X16 by its concept’s name. The C-X16 is the coupe version of the F type. No changes made to the exterior at all.  Available in different engines and as per that the position of the exhaust changes. Except that the C-X16 is a hybrid and the F type is not.

As you can see the position of the exhaust change depending upon the variant.

Since we have talked about Jaguar, Land Rover shouldn’t be left aside. Their new baby Range Rover sold nearly 88,000 units in its first year of production.
We are talking about Evoque. The Land Rover LRX concept from which the Evoque came into existence got extra doors on the diesel variant. Also a convertible will be seen on the roads soon

The Audi started as R8 Leman and resulted in one of the Audi’s starter flagship supercar.

Audi TT
From 1985 to current date, I still find the Audi TT a cute car.

Ever heard about the Porsche989? Well, it was the Panamera of 1988 which was not put into production, until in 2009, the Panamera was born. Although some coach builders tried to extend the 911 in the 60’s.

Merecedes-Benz A class Concept
Even this small class in Mercedes line up looks astonishing, The new grill is something what to look at

This is the future and it looks pretty awesome!

Nissan GTR
Some similarities, but still a Godzilla!

Maruti A wind aka celerio
Some of us thought that A wind would be the final name, but then it was changed to Celerio, not much of a difference though.


 The Yamaha R25
There is a huge difference as you can see it, R25 is in production currently and will be seen on the streets soon.

The concept version resulted to the VFR1200F and also the famous CBR 250R and CBR 150R

Mahindra MOJO

There’s a little difference I can spot in these pictures, front positioning the indicators and the fairing, but that would hardly matter. Even the fuel tank seems different and gold spotted. The Mojo is ready and will be soon seen on the street.

More coming soon…
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