My Honda Dio(2012) after 2 years in Mumbai.

Gifted on 12 July 2012 and now having approx. 15 thousands kilometers done on it.  It has travelled every part of Mumbai and this what I think of it after 2 years.

I took the delivery of the newly 2012 model with matte grey metallic paint job. People still look at it due to its unique designed body and attractive colors. It squeezes easily in traffic and get out too. Though fiber body is delicate and picks up scratches easily, putting guards on it becomes necessary. I didn’t put it thinking that the show would go away, but for which I suffered a lot of scratches and some paint damages.  Even the roads are blamed to damage the fibre. The skirts are easily cracked if you are fat or go fast on a speed bump.

Servicing it after every 2500km after warranty and cleaning the bike once in a week helps to get a smooth run, quick pick up and keeps the engine life better and the look clean.

The combi brake system work brilliantly and stops you from slipping and doing burnouts. The tyres are small and the shocks are stiff so avoiding potholes is must to save your back.

As the bike is lightweight, even a strong wind can push you side ways while riding. Maintaining a speed limit during rains helps to avoid the chances of slipping.

Finally a good morning kick-start is good to save fuel. Since it doesn’t have the HET engine, it still manages to give approx 45kmpl on the economy and it still beats the Vespa and the Ray Z when it comes to braking and the price.


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